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10 ways to engage with your clients

The goal of every business is to make profits and the best way to do it is to engage clients and keep them coming. But let’s be frank, it is not an easy task, especially if you are a solo entrepreneur or a small team. There are so many aspects of running a business that can take your focus away. So, how to reconcile those two tasks.

Clients are the most important asset in any business and as such, the need for client’s engagement cannot be overemphasized. Here are ten ways to engage your clients and do your business a lot of good by applying them.

1. Identify your clients and get to know them

A lot of business owners tend to hit the wrong spot with this. In a bid to engage your clients, you should know who they really are by showing concerns in what interests them. By so doing, they find it easy to express themselves and relate with you. With such reaction, you get to know what to offer them without wasting much resources.

2. Use social media strategically

If there is one platform the world is trooping to en masse is social media. Nobody wants to be left out of the latest trend, so if there is a go-to spot for you to interact with the world, go for it. However, choose quality over quantity choose the social that will have the most impact.

3. Do not undermine the power of giveaways

Wait a minute, do you love free things? I guess you do, and not just only you, a lot of people do. So try do a little giveaway. The rewards are far greater that the costs.

4. Never go silent during feedback

When clients give their feedback be it positive or negative, you should always respond to it. When you have a positive feedback, always appreciate them for taking a time out to drop a feedback and promise to serve them better next time. However, when there is a negative feedback, don’t fret, deal with it; admit it, turn the table around and take the conversation away from public glare.

5. Host an Event

It is all about engaging with your clients and when you try to host an event or a webinar, be it offline or online, your clients tend to feel closer to the company and that is all engagement is about.

6. Spice up your product

Of course, we all want a lively and not a boring store. I would rather walk into a store filled with life and sales rep with an enchanting smile than the ones with a stern look.

7. Avoid Spamming

Beyond every aorta of doubt, a lot of you are guilty of this and you know it. You don’t need to spam your clients mail with a lot of emails, promotions, and offers. Choose wisely, otherwise they get bothered and lose the connection with your company.

8. Be your competitor’s keeper

This may sound funny but that’s the real truth. Desist from tarnishing the image of your competitor. Speak well of them and see how you’ll appeal to the emotions of your clients.

9. Make realistic promises

As much as you want to paint your product in the best way you can, it is advisable you keep your limits. There is no point making unrealistic promises because at the end of the day, you would do yourself more harm than good.

10. Don’t Give UP

At this juncture, the service you are offering should remain the base product. Keep perfecting it! Don’t be swayed to reduce your quality by any means to reach another demographic. Be consistent and don’t give up!!

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