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Get Ready for Tax Season

Updated: May 13, 2023

To help you prepare on the upcoming tax season. Here is a guide to help with what you need to do to maximize your tax deductions and minimize your tax liabilities for this year.

1. You can still donate

Most taxpayers can give to qualified charity this year and get a deduction. Cash and property donations can help you save by itemizing your deductions.

2. Contribute to 529 Plans

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future education costs and college tuitions. You can still establish a plan for your children and other family member by opening a 529 accounting in your State by the end of the year. Also note that there are States matching programs that with contribute a certain amount of money for your child if your income qualifies.

3. Harvest Capital Losses

Check if there are any capital losses to be realize by December 31, 2022, by selling some assets that have lost some value that cannot be recovered.

4. Take advantage of depreciation

If you want to invest in new equipment for your business, you can make the purchase before the end of the year and claim a full depreciation.

5. 401(k) & IRA Contributions

Use this opportunity to fund for your retirement if you still can by making a larger contribution on your last paycheck. Year end bonuses are the opportunity to save more money and reduce your tax liabilities.

Help maximize your retirement contribution if you have an IRA account. You have a bit more time to contribute before the deadline which is usually around April 15 of next year.

401(k) Contribution Limit

2022 Maximum deferral $20,500

2022 Catch-up and elective-deferral contributions $27,000

IRA Contribution Limit

Limits for Regular Contributions: $6,000

Limits for Catch-up Contributions for Taxpayers 50 and older: $1,000

Phaseout of IRA Deductions:

Single $68,000 - $78,000

Married Filing Jointly $109,000 - $129,000

Married Filing Separately $0 - $10,000

Head of Household $68,000 - $78,000

Qualifying Surviving Spouses $109,000 - $129,000

6. Estimated Tax Payments

The deadline for estimated tax payment is on January 15, 2023, to avoid a penalty if you owe a large amount of taxes. Take the time you review your previous tax return and determine you will have a tax liability instead of a tax refund. You can still make a payment toward it and save on penalties.

7. Consulting with us!

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Deadlines to take note of: Do not use this as an excuse to wait till the last minute, the sooner you file these, the less you’ll need to stress about it!

12/31/22: Last day to process charitable contributions and business expenses.

1/15/23: Fourth quarterly estimated tax payment for 2022 due. Estimated Tax Payments.

1/31/23: Deadline for employers to send W-2s/1099s to employees.

4/15/23: Tax filing deadline and last day to contribute to qualified retirement plans for the 2022 tax year.

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