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Welcome to the Future of Accounting & Advisory


Correct Refund CPA & Advisors is a forward thinking Certified Public Accountants Firm with a technological edge. Our goal is to be proactive using the most efficient tools available in our profession.

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 We are growing and we want you to grow with us . . .

About Us 

We founded Correct Refund Tax & Accounting with the goal to help our community through affordable financial services. From our inception, we partnered with non profit organizations to make our services accessible to everyone regardless of their financial status. We pride ourselves in educating our clients to take better financial decisions. Correct Refund CPAs & Advisors takes it to a whole new level by providing expertise in our field using technology to make it efficient. We are a diverse group of professional and we bring unique perspective which help us expand our reach. From individual tax preparation to CFO services, we serve a wide range of clientele all over the world and we are glad you are part of them now. We provide auxiliary services such as translation to facilitate our service delivery and still continue to reach our community.

Expert Bookkeeping & Financial Reporting

 Accreditations & Partners

Online Professional Translation Services
Trusted Certified Public Accountant
Professional Financial Guidance
Online Professional Translation Services

At Correct Refund, We Do It The Right Way...

We Collect

Log in to our portal to select the service needed. Under each service selected, you can upload the required documents.

We Process

We work on the service you requested by processing your documents and inquiring on details to better serve you.

We Deliver

Once the service is completed, we deliver the results. All your documents are always available on our platform.

Our Services

Consulting and Management Accounting

Bookkeeping and
Financial Reporting

Consulting and Management Accounting

Consulting and Management Accounting

Translation Services


" I have been a Correct Refund  customer for a while now, and I can say that have received the best accounting service so far. Anifa is very knowledgeable and she always give me the best advice. Thanks to her I have a better control over my finances, and I can focus on growing my business. "
Comprehensive Tax Preparation and Planning

Vandi Konneh

Trust Health Natural LLC

" Correct Refund Tax & Accounting helped me open my non-profit organization. From registering with the state to dealing with the IRS paperwork, they have done it all. They even help me draft the fundraising plan and other legal document that  I needed. Thanks Correct Refund Team! "
Comprehensive Tax Preparation and Planning

Betty Mbo

Face of Silence Co

" Anytime that I have a question regarding my business I know who to ask. I really enjoy my consulting sessions because they are so insightful . I always learn something new  by speaking with them. They are also have very affordable translations. It definitively satisfaction guaranteed every time."
Correct Refund Tax & Accounting

Esmeralda Cruz

Herbalife Distributor

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